Keeping missionary roots intact


Chapter members discuss the missionary and ministerial apostolate

Mission ad gentes has been from the beginning, and continues to be now, one of the foundations of the Augustinian Recollect charism. On its seventh day, the 56th General Chapter confirmed the relevance of mission and the need to strengthen it.

The difficult conditions of life in the missions and the shortage of personnel were two issues faced by the assembly. The chapter members saw the urgency of strengthening resources and encouraging life in the missions  – for example, through accompaniment of religious missionaries.

The General Chapter also looked into the ministerial apostolate, an area in which 387 religious are engaged in 162 parishes. After the report of the Prior General and the priors provincial, dialogue ensued; emphasis was given to the need to strengthen the Augustinian Recollect charism and spirituality in our ministerial apostolate.

Earlier in the sessions, the assembly continued its discussion on initial formation. Among other things, interprovincial collaboration in this area was highlighted.

Also, the commission in-charge having presented their final redaction of the OAR vision, the chapter approved their work. Among the greetings announced today was that of the Prior General of the Order of Saint Augustine, Alejandro Moral.

The Augustinian Recollect Jose Luis Urriza presided over the day’s Eucharist. He invited the concelebrants to pray for the sick brothers, for the missionaries, and for resolution of the conflict in Ukraine. At the beginning of the sessions, the Prior General, Miguel Miro, also enjoined the chapter members to remember women and families, in a special way today, International Women’s Day.

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