The General Council of the new Prior General

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The 56th General Chapter has approved, during its last session, the General Council that will work together with Fray Miguel Ángel Hernández, OAR, new Prior General.

The capitulars has approved the team proposed by the Prior General to accompany him in his task to lead the Order for the next six years.

The six councilors will be in charge of the different secretariats and general sections of the Order.

 The new General Councilors are:

1st Councilor and Vicar General: Fray Javier González Velásquez, OAR

2nd Councilor: Fray Francisco Javier Monroy Rodríguez, OAR

3rd Councilor: Fray Antonio Carrón de la Torre, OAR

4th: Fray Jaazeal Estelou Jakosalem Dineros, OAR

5th Councilor: Fray Fabián Martín Gómez, OAR

6th   Councilor: Fray Ismael Xuruc Santizo, OAR

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