SeMoNore Inaugurates Reliquarium

Rev. Fr. Joseph Panaligan, OAR during the blessing

ANTIPOLO CITY— St. Ezekiel Moreno Novitiate- Recoletos inaugurates reliquarium (Chapel of the Sacred Relics) last November 12, 2022.

Rev. Fr. Joseph Panaligan, OAR, Vice-Prior of the Recoletos de Antipolo Community, led the blessing of the chapel which contains the sacred relics of the different Augustinian saints and blessed, most of which are first class.

“We thank the Lord for this precious gift. It is indeed a blessing. May we use this reliquarium according to its intended purpose,” said Rev. Fr. Rommel Rubia, OAR, Novice Master of the SeMoNoRe, in his speech before the rite.

The Novice Master thanked the efforts of Fray Lounal Jarumay, OAR, Fray Dennis Ruiz, OAD, and Fr. Hansel Marasigan, who facilitated the process of the acquisition and transfer of the relics from Rome to the Philippines.

He also thanked the Novices, the SARF, and personnel who assisted in the transformation of reliquarium into “fitting place” for the relics which he described as “treasure considered ‘more precious that gold,’” using the words of the bishop of Smyrna who collected the bones of St. Polycarp.

Relics are Reminders. Rev. Fr. Rommel Rubia, OAR gave a short speech before the celebration of the rite.

The reliquarium is located near the entrance of the Novitiate and is open for public veneration from 6:15 AM to 8:00 PM from Monday to Sunday.

Relics: Reminder of Sanctity and Intercession

“The presence and the inauguration of this reliquarium is truly a blessing to the Augustinian Recollects of Antipolo,” said Fr. Rubia. He also confided that the reliquarium brings to mind two purposes: reminder of sanctity and reminder of intercession.

First, Fr. Rubia expressed his hope that the presence of the relics would inspire the people to lead “holy lives by being faithful to the Augustinain Recollect way of life and charism.

“The Reliquarium is a reminder for all of us, most especially the members of this Recoleto community and our novices, that sanctity is our primary vocation. Sanctity should be our aim, goal, and ambition in life,” he added.

Borrowing the words of Rev. Fr. Jenaro Fernandez, OAR, a candidate for canonization, Fr Rubia asked “If I am not holy, what do I want my life for.”

Secondly, the reliquarium serves as a reminder that the “faithful departed, marked with the sign of faith,” are there to intercede with their prayers.

“The presence of these sacred relics here in the novitiate house brings our saintly brothers and sisters in the Order close to us in both body and in spirit,” he added.

Hoping for more. The reliquarium contains different relics of different Augustinian saints and blessed, and hopefully other saints and blessed in the future.

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