Fifth Sunday of Advent, Cycle B


Some Greeks, intrigued by Jesus’ actions, expressed their desire to meet him, saying, “We want to see Jesus.” And this longing to encounter Jesus resonates throughout history, extending to the Church and each of us: “We want to see Jesus.”

In the Gospel narratives, Philip and Andrew play significant roles in bringing others to Jesus. When certain Greeks expressed their wish to see Jesus, Philip and Andrew were the ones who facilitated this encounter, serving as intermediaries between these individuals and Jesus himself. This action illustrates the broader responsibility of all who follow Christ to lead others to him.

When someone expresses a desire to see Jesus, it goes beyond merely wanting to meet him in person. It reflects a deeper longing to experience the qualities and attributes that Jesus embodies—love, peace, and healing. People seek Jesus because they yearn for these transformative qualities in their lives.

As believers in Christ, we are tasked with making the longing to meet Jesus a reality for those who seek it. This involves more than just telling others about Jesus; it requires us to show his presence and qualities through our actions and how we treat others. We become living witnesses to the reality of Jesus in our lives and the lives of others.

Ultimately, our goal is to show that Jesus is not just a historical figure or a distant God, but a living and present reality in the world today. By embodying his love, peace, and healing in our daily lives, we make it evident that Jesus is indeed real in us and in every individual who seeks him.

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Fray Mc Airel Capinpin, OAR

Fray Mc Airel Capinpin, OAR