OAR History

“Be not afraid, the Lord is with us”: Fray Miró, OAR

By Agustinos Recoletos / December 2, 2021 /

Note: This article was translated from the original Spanish article posted in the official website of the Order of Augustinian Recollects (www.agustinosrecoletos.com) The Prior General presided over the opening Eucharist for the 400th anniversary of the first General Chapter, highlighting the “new horizons of life and hope” that will open up in this year of…

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1621-2021: Four centuries of the First General Chapter

By Agustinos Recoletos / November 29, 2021 /

The Order of Augustinian Recollects will begin to celebrate on November 29 the 400th anniversary of the first general chapter, held in 1621 in the historic convent of Madrid. November 19, 1621. It is the date of the beginning of the first general chapter of the Augustinian Recollects. We are in Madrid, in the convent whose…

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Our convent in Intramuros, Manila: Former Seat of the Province of San Nicolas

By Agustinos Recoletos / March 1, 2021 /

by Fray German F. Chicote, OAR Upon arriving in the Philippines, the first efforts of the Augustinian Recollects were at organizing the common life. In the year 1606 they established the priory of Bagumbayan, outside the walled city of Manila. Two years later they constructed the convent and the beautiful church of Saint Nicholas of…

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The Analysis and Content of the Diccionario Bisaya-Español, Español-Bisaya of Fr. Juan Felix de la Encarnacion and Its Impact Today

By Agustinos Recoletos / February 8, 2021 /

by: Dr. Jes B. Tirol, PhD, Director, Planning and Research, University of Bohol, Tagbilaran City Introduction A dictionary has a wealth of information about a particular language and like any other form of wealth it must be used judiciously. A modern dictionary usually has the following functions:[1] It provides definition, usage, and functions of words…

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The Life and Work of Padre Domingo Carceller, Agustino Recoleto

By Agustinos Recoletos / February 1, 2021 /

by Ferdinand M. Bautista, Music Literature Department, UST Conservatory of Music Domingo Carceller Y Galindo was born on 22 December 1894 in Forcall (Castellon dela Plana) Spain[1].  Out of eight children born to his parents, Don Joaquin Carceller and Dona Manuela Galindo, seven became members of various religious orders.  In other words, except for his…

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A special prayer to the Lady of Guadalupe

By Agustinos Recoletos / August 11, 2020 /

The Virgin of Guadalupe is venerated in many places in a special way. Also in Rome, specifically in the Church of San Ildefonso and Santo Tomás de Villanueva, you can visit a chapel where, according to Pietro Bombelli, the first representation of this Marian devotion that arrived in the city is preserved. Normally it is…

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Bishop Toribio Minguella, who is he?

By Agustinos Recoletos / August 7, 2020 /

July 14, 2020 marks the centenary of the death of Bishop Toribio Minguella, an Augustinian Recollect religious and bishop in Spain and Puerto Rico. The life of Bishop Toribio Minguella is one of many lives that have experienced the grace of God through the Augustinian Recollect charism. A native of Rio de Janeiro, he was…

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"Moved by the Spirit" from a historian's perspective

By Modesto Sao-noy / December 6, 2019 /

Note: This is the complete text of Prof. Modesto Sao-noy’s review about the Album of Religious and Communites “Moved by the Spirit” delivered during the book launch of the said publication on the occasion of the 21st founding anniversary of the Province of St. Ezekiel Moreno last November 28, 2019. This is the title of…

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Following in the footsteps of St. Augustine in Rome

By Agustinos Recoletos / August 6, 2019 /

Note: This was translated from the original Spanish article posted on the official website of the Order of Augustinian Recollects (www.agustinosrecoletos.com) The new series ‘Lugares Agustinianos de Roma’ reviews the experiences of St. Augustine in the center of Catholicism and his opinion on the Roman society of his time. St. Augustine arrived in Rome in…

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Recoletos Presence in Rome: its history, present, future

By Agustinos Recoletos / April 8, 2019 /

Via Sistina, ROME – For several decades, the current Collegio Internazionale Sant’Ildefonso e San Tommaso da Villanueva was the General Curia of the Order of Augustinian Recollects. At the moment it is the residence of the community of Augustinian Recollect religious who pursue further studies in Rome. This year 2019, it celebrates its 400th year.…

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