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Saint Ezekiel Moreno: Studies on his Missionary Activity in the Philippines

Bishop Ezekiel Moreno: An Augustinian Recollect Saint Among Filipinos

Life and Spirituality of Saint Ezekiel Moreno: Parish Priest of Las Piñas (1876-1879)

Ardent Desire to Proclaim Christ: Studies on the Ministry and Spirituality of Saint Ezekiel Moreno

Events in Bacolod, Negros Occidental in the Parish Chronicle (1871-1909) of Fr. Mauricio Ferrero, OAR and Other Essays

Holiness and Heroic Witness: Augustinian Recollect Saints and Blessed

The Augustinian Recollects: Arrival in the Philippines and Spread of Missionary Activities

Missions: Sharing the Faith... Building Lives...

Into the Inner Room: Daily Reflections for Lent Volume 1

La Salud: The Black Virgin of Health

Heart in Prayer

Doodle Earth: Art for the Environment

Doodle Life

Novena to Nuestra Señora de la Salud (Our Lady of Health)

Novena to St. Ezekiel Moreno (Patron of Cancer Patients)

Love According to Pope Francis

Pointless Points to Ponder Not: The Hilarious Edges of Religious Life and Other Oddities

Pointless Points to Ponder Not 2: The Hilarious Edges of Religious Life and Other Oddities