27th Sunday in Ordinary Time

2 October,  2016
Reflection: How do we respond to the difficult situations and questions that life offers us? Our readings this Sunday offer us only one thing, faith. But we might think that it is just a mere “spiritualizing” of concrete problems and difficulties. No, faith is beyond saying “bahala na,” faith is having the certainty that we will be able to achieve things, doing what we can do because the grace of God is there. It is having the conviction that I am not alone in this journey of life because God is with me. We have to accept that God’s promises will come true, but we are not spectators but actors, living out to fulfill this promise in our lives. We have to be bold in our faith, firm in hope and always, I say always filled with love. This is how to be a true disciple of the Lord, being prepared always to become an apostle (to be sent).

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Frei Bo

Frei Bo

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