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I want to share with you, on this feast of St. Jerome, some interesting statistics about Bible reading gathered from a survey conducted among adult Catholics and among Christians in general:

First the good news—87% adult Catholics who were surveyed said that they have bibles in their homes.

The bad news is that only 8% read the bible daily; and 32% said they never read the bible.

For all Christians, the result of the survey was this: an average Christian spend more time in one evening watching the T.V., than reading the Bible in one week.

If this is true we just wonder what is forming our values, attitudes and character? It is not the Word of God but our secular culture—culture of commercialism, success instant satisfaction which are daily fed to us through information technology

Why is it important to read the Bible? It is there that we meet God… it is there that God speaks to us! So Bible reading should be part of our daily prayer. 

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