Colegio San Nicolas de Tolentino-Recoletos Talisay City, Negros Occidental

Late 60s               

The Recollects in Talisay Parish planned to build a secondary school affiliated to the University of Negros Occidental-Recoletos in Bacolod.

January 1, 1971

Laying down and Blessing of the cornerstone for the High School Department in Talisay town by Bishop Antonio Fortich, of the diocese of Bacolod.

June 15, 1971    

Inauguration, Blessing and Opening of the new school (UNO-R) with ninety enrollees.


Additional rooms and Facilities were constructed; concrete walls were built around the area for students’ security and privacy of the school itself.


On-going improvement in the provisions of infrastructures of the school’s physical plant as well as the modern facilities of the only privacy Catholic school in this erstwhile municipality.

December 19, 2002        

Blessing and Inauguration of a mini-gymnasium called Fr. Echavarri Activity Center.


Completion of the Computer laboratory, which would be in 2008 transferred to St. Augustine Hall.


Renaming of the school to Colegio San Nicolas de Tolentino-Recoletos was approved by the Department of Education.

School Directors

1971       Florentino Echavarii

1973       Dionisio Gutierrez

1975       Jesus Gabriel Perez

1987       Victoriano Polestico

1989       Amadeo Lucero

1991       Casiano Cosmilla

1991       Carmelo Borces

1991       Delfin Castillo

1997       Adonis Wagas

1998       Paulino Dacanay

1998       Bernabe Dosdos

2000       Joel Alve

2006       James Bumangabang

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