Our Lady of Mt. Carmel Parish, Cebu City

June 1621           

Establishment of a Recollect convent in Cebu upon the request of Bishop Pedro de Arce. Located outside the walls of the City, it had a chapel (hermitage) dedicated to the Immaculate Conception of Mary.


The worse economic crisis made the Recollects Contemplate on abandoning the convent. But the Augustinians helped them by giving them the missions of Cotcot and Nahalin (Danao). Later on, a church was built in the place of hermitage which came to be known as Recoletos Church.

January 2, 1957

Thirty-nine novices made their profession as members of the Third Order of the OAR.


The old Recoletos Church was torn down and gave way to the construction of a more spacious and modern church that could accommodate 1,200 faithful.

March 18, 1966

Consecration of the church by Julio Cardinal Rosales.

January 1, 1971

Canonical Erection of the Parish by Cardinal Rosales under the patronage of Our Lady of Mt. Carmel since the church was the center of Mariam devotion under this site.


Transfer of the new parish office to the basement of the parish church.


Construction of the adoration chapel.


Renovation of the 58-year old choir loft.

Parish Priests

1971       Pio Santillana

1971       Francisco Azcarate

1971       Pio SAntillana

1975       Faustino Paglinawan

1989       Jose Ma. Martinez

1991       Victoriano Polestico

1992       Alberto Avanzado

1994       Oscar de la Rosa

1997       Faustino Paglinawan

2000       Emilio Larlar

2000      Cornelio Moral

2001       Domingo Saladaga

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