Our Lady of Mt. Carmel Parish Inagawan, Puerto Princesa City


Bishop of Cebu, Pedro de Arce, entrusted the evangelization of Palawan to the Recollects.

April 10, 1910   

Pope Pius X created the Prefecture of Palawan, with Fr. Victoriano Roman OAR as first prefect.

July 3, 1955        

Pope Pius XII elevated the prefecture to the rank of apostolic vicariate, under the leadership of the Recollects bishop Gregorio Espiga.

December 18, 1987        

The Holy See entrusted the apostolic vicariate to the diocesan clergy.

May 13, 2002    

Creation of the apostolic vicariate of Puerto Princesa in the south as separated from that of Taytay in the north.

July 1, 2005        

Acceptance by the OAR of the bishop’s offer to work in Puerto Princesa.

December 5, 2005           

Official date of “Return to Palawan”.

December 14, 2005        

Arrival of the first group of Recollects but, meanwhile, they stayed at the H.E. building of the AR Sisters in Narra. They took charge of the Mt. Carmel chaplaincy under the parish of St. Isidore the Farmerin Inagawan sub-colony.

July 16, 2006     

Bishop Pedro Arigo elevated the chaplaincy into a parish with the Our Lady of Mt. Carmel as titular.

October 13, 2006             

Signing of contract between St. Ezekiel Province (Represented by Prior Provincial Fr. Lauro Larlar and Fr. Regino Bangcaya) and the apostolic Vicariate of Puerto Princesa (Represented by Bishop Pedro Arigo) as regards the administration of the parish.

March 22, 2007

Transfer of the Recollects to their newly-built convent in Inagawan. The following day, the convent was blest.

April 2007           

Start of the substantial repair of the parish church. Meanwhile the celebration of the mass is temporarily held at the multipurpose hall at the back of the church.

Parish Priest

2005       Louie Gabinete

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