Provincial Curia Quezon City

May 31, 1606        

Arrival of the pioneer Recollects in Manila (from Spain via Mexico and Cebu). They established their first convent in Bagumbayan dedicated to San Juan Bautista (but originally had St. Nicolas of Tolentine as patron). Inaugurated on 10 September 1606, it became the seat of the Province of St. Nicolas of Tolentine until 1762 (with the first-ever Provincial Chapter being held in February 1624). In 1764, the building was destroyed by British forces.


Onset of British occupation. Temporary transfer of the Provincial Curia to the Recollect convent in Cavite Puerto.


The second Recollect convent built in 1608 and named after St. Nicolas Tolentine became the official residence of the Prior Provincial and his councilors. It was also the “house of religious observance,” of theology and novitiate, and the central house of the missions in the Philippines.

Both the convent and the church were completely torn down by the devastating earthquake in 1658. The second reconstruction which had notable refurbishment in 1780 lasted up to 1945 when it was razed to the ground by WW II. Today, the area is occupied by the Manila Bulletin Publishing Office.


Transfer of the Provincialate in Madrid, Spain. Only the Vicar Provincial – whose residence was in San Sebastian Convent, Manila – remained to oversee the missions in the Far East.

September 10, 1970  

Acquisition of the separate house at the Congressional Subdivision, Quezon City for the offices of the Vicariate of the Philippines and the China as well as for the General Procuration.

November 28 1998    

Elevation of the vicariate to what is now called Province of St. Ezekiel Moreno. It saw the restoration of the former vicariate house and the construction of an annex four-storey building which make up the St. Ezekiel Moreno Provincial Center. It was blessed on 19 August 1999.

House Prior

[as Central House of the Vicariate]

1970    Antonio Martinez

1973    Alejandro Remirez

1978    Jesus Sobejano

1981    German Chicote

1987    Victor Jose Lluch

1993    Rene Paglinawan

1996    Victor Jose Lluch

[as Central House of the province]

1998    Victor Lluch

1999    Emeterio Buñao

2003    Lauro Larlar

2006    Huberto Decena

2009    Jose Fortunato Garces

2012    Leopoldo Estioko

2015    Ernil Almayo

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