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With the significant increase of Filipino vocations to the Recollect Order, the possibility of having a theologate house in the Philippines was Seriously considered. In the past, Filipino seminarians pursued their theological studies in Marcilla, Navarre, Spain.

September 17, 1982      

The then vicarial Council forwarded to the Prior Provincial, Fr. Antonio Calvo, in Madrid the proposal to establish a theology house in the country. The Proposal was favorably acted upon. The working committee tasked for the feasibility study came up with positive recommendations.

April 13 and 15, 1984    

The Prior Provincial sent communications to the Vicar, Fr. German Chicote, granting permission for the pursuance of the said project.

May 25, 1985                  

Fr. Francisco Javier Ruiz Pascual, incumbent Prior General, sent the Communication of the canonical erection of the Novitiate-Theologate Center as one of the houses and formation centers for the St. Nicolas of Tolentine Province.

December 5, 1985          

Solemn blessing of the Recoletos Formation Center by Msgr. Gregorio Espiga, OAR, DD, assisted by the Prior Provincial.


The theology department started accepting students from other congregations and pious group.

February 11, 1995          

Academic affiliation “ad quinquenium et ad experimentum” with the University of Santo Tomas, Manila, which was ratified by the Congregation “Institutione Catholica de Seminariis atque Studiorum Institutis” on 30 April 1996.


Basement of the third building was converted into a Center of Prayer and Spirituality.

December 5-6, 2005       

RFC celebrated its 20th Anniversary with homecoming events for alumni. And acquiring the legitimate status of its dreamed-of distinction as Recoletos School of Theology (RTS) could be gift for its silver anniversary come 2010.

House Prior

1985       Emeterio Buñao

1989       Rene Paglinawan

1991       Melquiades Modequillo

1994       Dionisio Selma

1997       Lauro Larlar

2003       Regino Bangcaya

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