There is no limit to what God can do


The great spiritual writer, Henri Nouwen, wrote a story describing the truth that there is a limit to what we can do by means of our natural abilities, but there is no limit to what God can do in and through us if we trust him and surrender ourselves to his will.

The story:

Once upon a time there was a little river that said, “I can become a big river.” It worked hard to get big, but in the process, encountered a huge rock. “I won’t let this rock stop me,” the river said. And the little river pushed and pushed and pushed until it finally made its way around the rock. Next the river encountered a mountain.   “I won’t let this mountain stop me,” the river said. And the little river pushed and pushed until it finally carved a canyon through the mountain.

The river, now large and powerful, finally arrived at the edge of a vast desert.  “I won’t let this desert stop me,” the river said. But as the river pushed and pushed its way across the desert, the hot sand began soaking up its water until only a few puddles remained. The river was quiet. Then the river heard a voice from above. “My child, stop pushing. It’s time to surrender. Let me lift you up. Let me take over.”

The river said, “Here I am.” The sun then lifted the river up and turned it into a huge cloud. And the wind carried the river across the desert and let it rain down on the hills and valleys of the faraway fields, making them fruitful and rich.



     If we stay focused on Christ, have more faith in him than in ourselves, and obey his will even when it’s hard, no obstacle will be too much for us, and he will make our lives more fruitful than we could ever imagine.

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