Recoletos de Antipolo: Sta. Cruzan 2018

sta. cruzan

ANTIPOLO CITY- “You children should live up the different virtues and titles that you are assigned to for this Sta. Cruzan, you are the future of this place. This day I’ve noticed that you are not anymore carrying flowers unlike any other day that you are attending the Flores de Mayo catechism that you offer flowers to the Virgin Mary because today yourselves will be your best offering,” P. Fray Manuel Lipardo, OAR enunciated during his sermon on the occasion of the culmination of Flores de Mayo last 26th of May, 2018 at St. Ezekiel Moreno Novitiate- Recoletos.

After the Eucharistic Celebration in honor of Mary, the children and young maidens were called for the titles that they will bear.

The meaning of various virtues of Reynas, Sta. Cruzan and Flores de Mayo was also given by Alkie John P Larga, Sarah Almeda and Br. Jhoben M. Rodriguez in the form of catechism, since this is the first time to hold this kind of activity and then procession followed.

As they arrived the children led the whole community in praying the Hail Mary which they learned from their catechism classes. More than forty children gathered for this year’s Sta. Cruzan. Present also were the parents, guardian, OAR novices, RAY and CARAS.

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Fray Jhoben Rodriguez, OAR

Fray Jhoben Rodriguez, OAR

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