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The College of Arts and Sciences held its General Assembly, June 27, 2018 at the University Auditorium. The said assembly was attended by the Dean, faculty and staff, and students of the college. After the opening formalities, Dean Annabee Claur, PhD gave the welcome address. Mr. Carlos Eduardo Legaspi, Jr, PhD, CAS alumnus 1991, gave the inspirational message, where he scored on the passivity of the Filipino youth on the issues of today, especially on the “blasphemy” and irreverence made by the President Duterte. Mr. Dexter Paul Dioso, PhD led the induction of officers for the academic year 2018-2019. The faculty members of the college were then introduced by their respective Department Heads. The Department Heads of the College are Ms. Laarni Muzones, MAEd for Psychology; Dr. Corazon Acaba, MBAH, DVM for agriculture; Dean Claur for Mass Communication; Dr. Richelle Verdeprado, RSW for Social Work and Mr. Alfredo Alave, MAEd for General Education Department. A presentation of proper school uniform preceded the Presentation of the College activities by the Vice Governor of the college, Nicole Faith Dalida. The activity was then followed by the unveiling of “Bogart”, the stuffed tiger.

Four months ago, a corpse of a healthy tiger was brought to the university to be stuffed by experts from UNO-R. The tiger that is called Bogart is owned by Congressman Albee Benitez. The job was then accepted by the “Saving Bogart” team composed of Dr. Acaba, MBAH, DVM; taxidermist Alma Tan, artist Christian Claur and the faculty and staff of Agrecoletos. After four months of hard work, the project was unveiled during the College of Arts and Sciences General Assembly. The unveiling was led by Rev. Fr. Jose Alden Alipin, OAR, UNO-R Vice President for Academics; Dr. Legaspi, UNO-R Director for External Affairs; Dr. Acaba; Mr. and Dean Claur; and Mrs. Tan. “Bogart” is a symbol of the gifts of spirituality, sensuality, passion, boldness and beauty.

Carmen Jesus “CJ” Legaspi , CAS Governor and a senior Mass Communication student, discussed the procedures and penalties of the signing of the Block Master list and she also gave the closing message by thanking every one of their support and cooperation for the said activity.

(In photo, left to right: Mrs. Tan, Dr. Acaba, Dean Claur, “Bogart”, Fr. Alipin, Dr. Legaspi and Christian Claur.)

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