First Batch forms CFC-GK RESOURCE Chapter


After nine sessions and serious formation, the new Couples for Christ members graduated through a Dedication Ceremony and Lord’s Day Celebration.  The Twelve new members of CFC- Resource Chapter commit themselves to be members and pledge their commitment to abide by the promises they made last Dec. 17, 2017.   The twelve couples are Rex and Merissa Abibuag, Rogelio and Jassmin Barredo, Joel and Melinda Baterna,  Raymond and Elinor Mariano, Ilony Ivon and Leonor Canada,  Wilfredo and Juanita Salusada, Jerry and Ma. Susie Vallejo,  Isidro and Lourdes Cagayan,  Romeo and Jovelyn Gonzaga,  Armando and Heide Sancho, and  Romeo and Emily Vigilar.  The program started with the Mass, presided by Fr, Ronel P. Gealon, OAR with the presence of the CFC-GK officers, household leaders, team leaders and supervisors of the CFC-GK- Provincial Chapter headed by Bro. Ricky Lacson.  This creation of the  CFC-GK Resource was made possible through the efforts of Bro. Bong and Sis. Dianne Concepcion, as head of CFC-GK, Youth for Christ and UNO-R SARF members.

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Carlos Legaspi, Jr., PhD

Carlos Legaspi, Jr., PhD

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