Recoletos de Saipan holds first CARAS formation

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San Roque Parish, SAIPAN – To implement the tasks given to the appointed Vocation Promoters and Youth Ministers, Recoletos de Saipan community introduced the first formation program for members of the Confraternity of Augustinian Recollect Altar Servers (CARAS).

Held at San Roque Parish Social Hall on July 28, 2018, the whole-day activity was spearheaded by the OAR Fathers as they introduced the CARAS Program to the Parish of San Roque and Santa Remedios.

The participants of the said gathering were the altar servers from San Roque Parish from where 10 came to participate, and from Sta. Remedios Parish that sent 7 participants.

Through this get-together of the altar servers from the same Recollect-administered parishes, it was hoped that friendship be fostered among them and commitment to serve God in the Church be developed.

The assembly started at 9 o’ clock in the morning with the registration of participants, which was free of charge. Fray Allan Rubett Cabatian, OAR, officially opened the gathering with his welcome remarks.

At 9:30, Fray Felipe U. Rollon Jr., OAR animated the participants through a “Getting to Know You” activity. The participants were grouped into three and were asked to know more about the persons in the group. This activity gave them the opportunity not just to introduce themselves but also to introduce the persons that were assigned to them.

In the first talk, Mr. George Cruz shared his thoughts on Serving the Lord from a Lay’s perspective. The altar servers were given the chance to ask themselves on their views about serving and volunteering, the importance of using the talents and skills, and rousing in them the joy of serving the Lord.

In the second talk, Fray Cabatian introduced the dynamics of CARAS to the participants, especially its Vision – Mission Statement, the basic rules in serving and the duties of the Altar Servers, the dress code and physical decorum.

After lunch break, ice breakers and animations followed.

The third talk was about the Holy Mass: Liturgy and Practices, which was handled by Fray Leo Neil Bullos, OAR. He gave the rudiments that each altar server should know in serving.

It must be noted, however, that before the Recoletos friars came here in 2016, few of these altar servers were already installed as Diocesan Altar Servers by the previous parish administrator.

But with CARAS program, the Recoletos charism and spirituality are integrated

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Tonette Salcedo

Tonette Salcedo