Promote the right to work for all without exclusion: Santo Agostinho Social Center


ARCORES carries out an important work in the promotion of work in Belem do Para.

Everyone, without exclusion, has the right to a decent job. This is the main objective that labor organizations demand on May 1 and in that line, ARCORES works to favor the inclusion of everyone in the labor world.

At the Santo Agostinho Social Center, in Belem do Pará (Brazil), that is one of its goals. In addition to health care and social assistance, the center has an area for training and culture where young people and adults – most of them with low income – can take training and professionalization courses.

As the Social Center was recognized as a public utility by the Brazilian government, the training is recognized to grant official degrees as well as the capacity to work in the labor field.

The training courses, which are made by groups of 10 to 20 people, are in the field of food (bakery and baking) and computer science (office automation and appliance maintenance).

In addition to the Santo Agostinho Social Center, the Agustino Recoleta International Solidarity Network promotes decent work with many other projects. In the prison for women of Cebu, the inmates perform paid work of bakery and pastry. In the Esperanza Centers in Labrea, young people participate in clothing or carpentry workshops. At the Hogar Hermano Policarpo in Barranquilla (Colombia), the girls who live in the center participate in training workshops through which they obtain qualifications for the labor market.

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