With the victims of the earthquake in Turkey and Syria

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The Prior General has addressed a message to the Augustinian Recollect family asking for collaboration, through ARCORES, and prayer for the victims of the earthquake in Turkey and Syria.

In the face of the terrible earthquake that has struck Turkey and Syria, the Prior General has sent a letter to the entire Augustinian Recollect family asking for their collaboration and prayer for the victims of the natural catastrophe. Fray Miguel Angel Hernandez invites to join the campaign launched by the Augustinian Recollect International Solidarity Network ARCORES to help the victims.

“At the time of writing these letters there are already more than eight thousand dead, but we all know that unfortunately these figures will be multiplied many times over. A historic catastrophe aggravated by the low temperatures that all the victims and those who are helping in the rescue work are facing,” said the Prior General. In addition to the dead, he also recalls “the drama of those who have seen their entire lives reduced to ruins and rubble”.

I believe,” said the Prior General, “that we can spare ourselves sentimental speeches because the images that the media offer us in real time are sufficiently shocking to understand that all kinds of help are urgently needed”. For this reason, he asked that “as far as possible, both the religious communities and our parish and/or educational communities collaborate economically to alleviate in some way the drama that our brothers in Turkey and Syria are living”.

In this sense, he proposes the collaboration with ARCORES that has joined forces with other solidarity organizations to offer their help. You can collaborate through the account number ES57 0075 0241 4406 0086 0510.

Likewise, the Prior General proposes a prayer for the victims of the catastrophe in Turkey and Syria, to be prayed in community and individually.


Our Father, you are our strength in adversity.
We pray to you, through your Son Jesus Christ,
for all those affected by the earthquake that has devastated the lands
of Turkey and Syria.
May all those affected feel your closeness,
and your protection in the midst of pain.

Embrace them with your tenderness and kindness.
Comfort all those who have lost their loved ones,
comfort those who have seen their homes and their lives
transformed into ruin and destruction.
And to the departed, welcome them into the peace of your Kingdom.

Move our hearts to solidarity.
Protect and care for all those who collaborate in the rescue work.
Make us, Lord, builders of fraternity and brotherhood,
through the intercession of the Virgin Mary
and with our generosity,
may a new society be rebuilt and raised up,
that only trembles and shudders,
Lord, before the mystery of Your immense love.

Photo: Cruz Roja Española

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