If I were born again, I would be an Augustinian Recollect again

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The Prior Provincial of the Province of San Ezequiel Moreno, Fray Bernard Amparado, assures that his vocation as an Augustinian Recollect is “my own identity”.

Fray Bernard Cañada Amparado has been an Augustinian Recollect for more than three decades. Even today, he would not change the decision he made more than 30 years ago: “If I were born again, I would be an Augustinian Recollect again.” The current prior provincial of the Province of San Ezequiel Moreno assures that “the Order means a lot” to him. “It’s like my family,” he says.

Thus begins a fraternal dialogue with one of the four provincials of the Augustinian Recollects. His life in the Order has marked his own life, from its beginnings to his current work at the head of the Province. “My vocation has become my own identity,” he says. Bernard Amparado assures that “in all the communities” in which he has been able to be, “I have enjoyed the company of the brothers.”

Now in government service, he must work for and for the brethren. “The government is something I have never decided but I think it is an opportunity, because the experience of my obedience is even more challenging,” he says. The latter, he says, could not make it happen without God’s help.

Amparado confesses that his biggest challenge is decision-making. “The most difficult task I have encountered is when I have a very serious problem and I have to give immediate solutions,” he explains. At this point, he fears getting “stuck” and not being able to respond to the needs that are asked of him.

In his prayer there are many intentions. “I pray that the Province will be preserved,” he says. He also prays “that the number of vocations may increase”, so that we may be able to carry out “what God has entrusted to us”.

Throughout the journey of life he has been able to verify the presence of God. “He has granted me the best, more than I can hope for,” and concludes: “God always grants me the best.”

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