CEDO, Lunhaw-Diocese of San Carlos Map 2024 Plans at Assembly

‘Greater Value in Little Things.’ The delegates from Colegio de Sto. Tomas-Recoletos under the Community Extension & Development Office (CEDO) align the CEDO plans for 2024 with the activities of Lunhaw Ecological Ministry of the Diocese of San Carlos.
‘Greater Value in Little Things.’ The delegates from Colegio de Sto. Tomas-Recoletos under the Community Extension & Development Office (CEDO) align the CEDO plans for 2024 with the activities of Lunhaw Ecological Ministry of the Diocese of San Carlos.

The new year represents fresh opportunities, new beginnings and another chance to set out on a path of truly serving people and making a difference in the community. This also means that the pursuit of knowledge must be made manifest in the sincere service to others that begins with individuals and organizations that strategically make plans and set goals.

Collaborators Colegio de Sto. Tomas-Recoletos Community Extension & Development Office (CEDO) and Lunhaw Ecology Ministry-Diocese of San Carlos joined in the Lunhaw Assembly 2024 last January 13–14 at HQ Coffee House, Purok Manihan, Barangay Bunga, Don Salvador Benedicto, Negros Occidental.

Young participants, newly committed to living out Pope Francis’s Laudato Sì, came from the Vicariates of San Carlos, Calatrava, Kanlaon, and Colegio de Sta. Rita (CSR).

As the programs and projects of CEDO and Lunhaw align with the ARCORES International’s Heart Solidarity Campaign (HSC) 2023-2024, CST-R External Communications Officer Georgene Quilaton Tambiga, delivered a talk titled reflecting on its theme: “Greater Value in Little Things.” The theme highlights the significance of achieving greatness through small but consistent actions that resonate with the journey of CEDO and Lunhaw.

Ma. Nita V. Bolo, CST-R head of Student Development & Placement Center (SDPC), facilitated the team-building activity that designated participants into four groups named after the elements—Fire, Water, Air, and Earth. The first challenge was to compose a team jingle in

10 minutes. The second challenge was all about creativity and environmental awareness that required teams to re-purpose waste materials such as plastic bottles and tin cans into something useful. The third challenge was about solid waste segregation, an important eco-habit that is now lost among most young students today. The challenge clearly placed importance on responsible waste management at source.

Finally, the last challenge focused on the value of resourcefulness and teamwork. Teams made their own trophies out of cardboard boxes and discarded materials.

On the second day, the group planned for activities, goals and programs of 2024. Each participating school and vicariate presented their plan to the assembly, in effect rekindling the passion for service, learning, and the care for creation.

Founded three years ago with minimal financial support, Lunhaw is now the official ecology ministry of the Diocese of San Carlos. Lunhaw is kept running by passionate people and has made remarkable progress in the fight for the preservation of the environment and in spreading awareness on the need to reverse the effects of climate change.

On the other hand, CEDO is the social action and extension service department of CST-R under which is the Laudato Sì Environmental Center that has programs and events aligned with the mandate of caring for the Earth.

The two groups formally signed a memorandum of agreement last October 27, 2023 to jointly implement programs and actions that also resonate with the goals of ARCORES International, the international solidarity network of the Order of Augustinian Recollects.

1 – Living Laudato Sì in 2024. The Lunhaw Assembly 2024 participants take a moment for photos at the of the strategic planning session last January 13 and 14 at HQ Coffee House, Don Salvador Benedicto town, Negros Occidental.
Building the Team with More Members. Ma. Nita V. Bolo (rightmost in photo), head of the CST-R SDPC, gives instructions and explains the rationale of the team-building to break the ice among new Lunhaw members and the core group of the collaboration.
One Diocese of San Carlos. Thomasian Jarred Costanilla, a Grade 11 SDPC Peer Facilitator, with another volunteer from the Vicariate of Canlaon join the team building activities.
Re-purpose Trash. Among the challenges posed to participants was creating new useable items out of trash. Here a volunteer re-fits a soda can to make a new item.
Shedding Light. The Lunhaw Assembly 2024 anchors its theme to the ARCORES International theme: Greater Value in Little Things.
The Value of Humility. Thomasians Rachel De Gracia, BS Entrep II, and Scieszka Insao, Grade 11 SDPC Peer facilitator, attempt to create a new item from the raw materials of little pieces of trash. The process emphasized on the value of humility.
Solid Waste Segregation. The challenge involves going back to the basic of solid waste management: Separating the biodegradable from the non-biodegradable waste.
Challenge Accepted. The volunteers convene on how to properly present their new product. Team Air is composed of volunteers from CSR, CST-R and the Vicariate of Canlaon.
Teamwork at Its Best. In the joining of ideas, members of Team Water build their new but re-purposed product.
Ready to Take on the 2024 Challenges. Team Water composed of Thomasians and volunteers from the Vicariate of Calatrava, Canlaon and San Carlos is recognized for showing the best Team Work during the team building activities.
Thomasian Spirit for Laudato Sì. Charlene Marie Baldoza and Insao present the strategic plans and activities of CEDO that align with Lunhaw events.

Photos By Rachel Mae De Gracia, CVPro

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