Healing through the Intercession of Saint Ezekiel Moreno: A Testimony

By Fray Onz Antonio, OAR / August 15, 2022 /

The Lord is truly kind, merciful, and generous—much more than any human being can be. Let me share my personal experience of how the Lord, in His goodness, generosity, and compassion, granted me healing and divine wellness, through the powerful intercession of St. Ezekiel Moreno. Three years ago, I was diagnosed with stage-three colon cancer.…

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A Maritime Pilgrimage (Part 4)

By Fray René Paglinawan, OAR / July 9, 2017 /


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Morning praise to the “Beauty ever ancient, ever new”

A Maritime Pilgrimage (Part 3)

By Fray René Paglinawan, OAR / July 8, 2017 /

Agutaya, Linapacan, and back to Casian

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A Maritime Pilgrimage (Part 2)

By Fray René Paglinawan, OAR / June 8, 2017 /

Cuyo and Agutaya 17 May, Wednesday At 2 am, I was awake. The night was absolutely still, there were a few stars. Prayed the rosary from the balcony of our common room, facing, across the courtyard below, an image of the Crucified Jesus. Four of us took an early morning dip, while Fr. Notnot was…

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A Maritime Pilgrimage (Part 1)

By Fray René Paglinawan, OAR / June 7, 2017 /

Journal of a pilgrimage to Recollect legacy in Palawan, 15 -19 May Deliver us from our wretched wanderings, our miserable mistakes, and establish us in Your way and comfort us, and say: Run, I”ll carry you, yes, and there also will I carry you” (St. Augustine, Conf., 6,26) Nota Previa: Almost a decade ago, in…

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Saint Ezekiel Moreno among Filipinos

By Prof. Emmanuel Luis Romanillos / August 23, 2016 /

Early years Saint Ezekiel was born on 9 April 1848 at Alfaro, La Rioja, Spain. He donned the Augustinian Recollect habit in Monteagudo, Navarra. He professed his solemn vows in Marcilla also in Navarra on 22 September 1868. On 10 February 1870, he arrived in Manila and lived in the now-extinct convent and formation house…

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Three things to know about the Recollect mission in the Amazon

By Frei Bo / December 2, 2015 /

Bacolod City—Fray Loreto Dacanay, OAR has come home last year from his interrupted mission for about sixteen years in the Amazon. Inspired by the Laudato Si of Pope Francis, he is home with a story to tell. He would like to do that now in this dispatch. After ceaseless prodding, he opened his door. He…

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